DenizBank A.Ş only collects information it must due to legal legislation and also information that will enable it to provide the best services and products.

Our main approach is to handle customer data with secrecy, security and in line with customer wishes.

Customer information are private in terms of privacy terms of DenizBank and access to these data by DenizBank employees are regulated as per DenizBank Privacy Policies; customer data cannot be shared with any persons or institutions apart from obligatory situations stipulated in legislation.

For outsourcing services, there is always an article in signed agreements on customer data privacy and outsource companies and their personnel are required to obey secrecy and secret keeping rules determined as per DenizBank Privacy Policies.

Customer data can only be shared with other institutions upon customer request. We kindly request you to inform Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking through 0850 222 0 800 when you don’t wish to be notified by the Bank.

Customers are obliged to correctly identify themselves to access their information in the internet channels.

DenizBank respects your trust on condition that customer data security is ensured as per legal legislation.

DenizBank Security Group

Investment Products

Mutual fund is an investment alternative that brings together different investment instruments as per risks and expectations and capitalizes on the savings of depositors in capital market instruments.

  • Mutual funds are managed by professional managers.
  • Your cash needs are easily converted to cash.
  • They provide investment opportunity for your savings in small amounts.
  • They provide a wide range of investment opportunities.

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If you wish to capitalize on your investments on medium or long term and receive a secure return, you can invest in Treasury Bills and Government Bonds; and if you wish to receive a secure return by a long term investment in FX, you can invest in EuroBond.

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You can open FX Time or Demand Deposit Accounts at Affluent Banking, benefit from the expertise of DenizBank in FX investments and obtain earnings from changes in currency rates and parity.

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You can use capitalize on your savings in gold with no risk of theft, loss, fraud. Enjoy secure investment while obtaining return from the interests of your savings in gold.

If you wish to capitalize on your savings by purchasing stocks at Istanbul Stock Exchange and becoming a shareholder in the preeminent companies in Turkey, DenizYatırım is ready to be there with its wide network and expert staff...

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